We are excited to be Columbus, Ohio's FIRST take & (h)EAT pierogi bakery!
Our pierogi are par-boiled/pre-cooked, leaving the hard stuff to us! Each pierogi is crafted from scratch using fresh, quality ingredients. We mash the potato, dough is still made in smaller batches, fill and pinch by hand (Grandma would be proud! ;) )  
and we always maintain
In addition to high quality, homemade pierogi, we also serve up fresh made baked goods daily- including PACKZI!*

Once we're able and ready to open, we are located at :
447 Lazelle Rd, Westerville, Oh 43081
the former Little Caesar's location
*Packzi will be available on Saturdays only for a little while.



Before we forget...

Please remember that my pierogi are provided par-boiled and chilled. I DO NOT SERVE HOT FOOD AT THIS TIME. My primary function is essentially just adding Sweet CLE-'bus! to your grocery rotation for dinner night. I provide you with fresh, made to order pierogi that is ready to heat, serve, & eat. 

To Cook: All you need to do- prep your favorite frying pan (mine is cast iron), preheat and toss on some sliced red onion, a pat or 2 of butter, and some cracked black pepper. Cooking is best done at medium-low to ensure even cooking inside. Cook until your desired level of crispness, then simply enjoy! **Pierogi are best to be enjoyed within 2-3 days of pickup when chilled...** (if they even make it that long!) Can be frozen.
**I have made the tough decision to not offer Frozen pierogi at this time- I do not have enough space currently to accommodate frozen volume. I truly apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause**
TO FREEZE: Place on a cookie rack and sit individually. Place rack in freezer. Try to leave individually placed for at least 24 hours before bagging. This helps to keep them from sticking together.



Not your Babcia's pierogi... because it's BETTER



A quick intro:

My name's Lizz, and I am the owner/"pierogi lady" at Sweet CLE-'bus! I'm also a local Mama Bear of two, and a licensed Cosmetologist/Cosmetology Instructor. After having kiddos, I did a lot to ensure that I could have flexibility with them, since we don't have a family support system here locally. That's when I decided to open my first business- my own little boutique hair salon located inside of Sola Salon Studios. Prior to the pandemic, I also served as a Brand Ambassador for amika- a professional hair care line- and worked throughout Ohio to provide education to not only licensed professionals, but also Sephora Cast Members and customers!  Prior to all of that, I was in the food/retail industry. My love of the industry started back in the days of Sbux store #2409 . I was a Partner & Supervisor at Starbucks for many years. It was there that I gained additional skills that I would continue to always carry with me. From there, and with working within other establishments, I knew that one day, I wanted a food service establishment one day- I just never thought that dream would come true!
Due to having to stop working for several months, a couple of surgeries, as well as having to reduce my availability for my other jobs due to my kiddo's inaugural year into our public education system, I found myself being able to free up time that I never had before. From there, I was able to rekindle my passion for being in the kitchen.
By mid December of 2020, I began to test pilot my business. Growing up in Slavic Village in Cleveland with a Polish family, you grow accustomed to always having things like fresh par-boiled pierogi, fresh kielbasa, and pąckzi always available. Moving to Columbus over a decade ago Columbus truly shocked me with the extremely obsolete availability of 'take n bake' pierogi or even fresh kielbasa. I grew up in an Eastern Euro mecca. I never truly realized how lucky I was for that until much later in life.
My business test pilot stemmed from the love of my family and home cooked Polish food. Polish food has always been a personal family experience for me, and I'm so excited to carry on this tradition and share it with others!
I am BEYOND excited to provide the area with a first of it's kind here: A PIEROGI BAKERY!
Now, if you're not from Cleveland, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Chicago, etc, you may not have had a large Pole population, and may not be familiar with this concept, so just in case, let me fill you in. A pierogi bakery provides you with quality, fresh handmade par-boiled pierogi, ready for you to take and heat to your liking. I personally love my cast iron skillet, fresh sliced red onions, butter, and some freshly cracked pepper  I have found that others enjoy baking, slow-cooking, deep frying, grilling, air frying, etc in addition to pan frying.
At Sweet CLE-'bus! you will find from scratch, handmade pierogi. I am maintaining a 'small' batch prep kitchen to have a place of my own to prep my product. I will NOT be open every day and function as a traditional bakery. I need to remain flexible due to family and my other career- I do not plan to leave from behind my chair any time soon! All updates will be released on social media, so PLEASE, double check before heading up here! This pierogi business has my whole heart, and I also do not want to sacrifice the quality for quantity. Plus, at this time, I do not have employees, as I would like to establish my business and get used to my new environment first before I would be comfortable bringing someone else in that isn't family. 
I look forward to meeting you guys, and being able to serve you from behind my counters soon. 

Peace, love, & pierogi,



Always Fresh, Always Tasty



Flavors rotate monthly

My pierogi flavors rotate monthly at this time. This allows the opportunity for those who are looking forward to trying out a flavor, will have a few weeks to catch it before it temporarily disappears. By creating a monthly rotation, this allows me to provide variety in a manageable way, and also increase output for all of you! More pierogi=more people able to try them! Depending on volume, when you receive your order from the time of ordering will definitely vary. I truly apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause for some, however, doing it this way ensures that everyone will receive the freshest product available. All pierogi are handmade from scratch - EVERY. TIME. 

My storefront will continue to provide that same small batch quality that you have grown to love and come to expect. All pierogi will also continue to be hand pinched- moving to a storefront does not eliminate quality. Quality over quantity will always be put into practice, each and every day.

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Delicious fruit or nut filled cookies

In addition to kolackzi, be prepared to experience other traditional and non traditional favorites on a regular basis. I am looking forward to providing you with fresh, homemade baked goods, made only with love and quality ingredients. 

Why do I continue to mention quality ingredients? Because not all brands are created equally, and texture and flavor are a derivative of that. I look forward to being able to provide the freshest product available in the area.

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Please contact for inquiries.
**I am not processing orders at this time.**

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