Living that pierogi life



A small side note

While things may seemingly be done in an unconventional way at this time, an understanding of my background will help further explain why things are done this way at this time. 

  • I am a multi business owner. I still work behind the chair, which is one main reason that I will not be going 'full time' with this business any time soon

  • This business was formed while needing to leave my work as both a Cosmetology educator and Product Educator behind. Our school district opted for the most unconventional way of handling a hybrid school schedule throughout the pandemic in the 2020/2021 school year by adopting a 'Week on, Week off' model. In order to maintain consistency for my then Kindergarten student, I was forced to be able to stay home, and take a large hit financially.

  • I still have to navigate odd pandemic school schedule adjustments. My kid's school schedule is still lacking consistency due to late starts and early releases as a result of staff shortages. This requires that my schedule remain flexible, as this has been changing daily. When this happens, it interrupts the amount of time that I have to get things done. My husband works full time during the week, and without family here to support, we still need to manage as we have been doing all along. I look VERY forward to the day that my kiddos are able to experience a "normal" school year.

  • The work that I am putting out there is specialized, and requires *a lot* of prep time. I can't just whip things up the way that you could with a batch of chocolate chip cookies or snickerdoodles, per say. It takes time... I prefer to meet demand for the days that people show up more often, and at this time, that is Saturdays. I have tested day time walk in hours as well as evening, and Saturdays gain more foot traffic, so I would much rather put all prep effort when the most people plan to be there.

  • I rented this space primarily due to needing a licensed space to continue to put out the work that I love to do. My goal from last year was to figure out a kitchen, and this was my solution.

  • I have a background in food and food service prior to Cosmetology, so I am not a stranger to this industry by any means

  • It is just me behind the scenes at this time. We will bring people on when the time is right!

  • This space is new to me, the way that it is new to you. I am still gaining my bearings to be able to offer you the FRESHEST product available. As I continue to navigate the more efficient way to have things done at this larger scale, it will help to further position me to be able to have someone join the team here soon. I would like to have my sh*t together before inviting others to partake behind the scenes.

  • Since it is just me, that makes it where it's not realistic for me to have a phone number listed. I am still a legitimate business, I just do not have the time to be committed to the phone daily. With the technology available these days, it's unnecessary, as all information needed is updated regularly. I also post updates while we are open.

  • A lot of other businesses were forced to pivot throughout the pandemic, and I'm a result of that pivot. Please remember to show small business owners grace as we all navigate the COVID-19 minefield. Some businesses (mine included) need to work off of modified schedules, as the difference between being able to stay open and not burn out and having to close, could be the modification of those hours. Small businesses are doing what we can to manage all scenarios in this ever changing world. By adapting with us, that's what helps to keep up around... and I definitely can't be the only one who appreciates that!