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So, here goes. I'm just a girl from Cleveland with one mission on my mind: bring more pierogi to Columbus! I moved down to Cbus over 10 years ago now. It has definitely treated me well. With the exception of the fact that a lot of my favorite foods are non-existent here... seriously though!

You see, I never realized how truly fortunate I was for the upbringing that I had until I was much older. And when I mention I'm from Cleveland, yes, THE Cleveland. I was constantly surrounded by my culture growing up, and I wish I would have done more to embrace it when I was younger... and what they say is true: if you don't memorize the recipes while you're working, you'll never know them. I grew up in a family where things are truly made with love- where you taste test to determine if it's gonna be worth it.

Now, pre-pandemic, my life was fully submerged in being a hairstylist, and literally, every facet of it. Not only was I working behind the chair, but I was also working as an Instructor and a brand ambassador for a product line (which meant I was traveling throughout Ohio)... all while taking care of 2 young kiddos.

When the pandemic halted my life as I knew it, I, like many others, went through a period of figuring things out. Why am I telling you all of this? Because it is still a major part of me, and this new venture co-exists with my existing one. I am continuing to work behind the chair for my existing clientele- in addition to helping out at The Salon Institute when able.

Sweet CLE-’bus! Will NOT be open 7 days a week. Sweet CLE-’bus! Was born out of my love and passion for handcrafting delicious, home-cooked meals. I do this because I love it! You see, I do things that I love. Doing this in a way that I will not burn out or exhaust from one passion to the other, I have broken up my work schedule at this time, where Sweet CLE-’bus! Will be open Thursday-Saturday, open until close, unless I sell out first. Please note, this schedule is subject to change… because life happens- I choose to work around my family’s schedule as things arise. Sweet CLE-’bus! has always been something that I’ve offered when I had time, and it will still be the same case. Just think of this as my expanded home kitchen, and I no longer have to put together order forms, invoice, schedule pick ups, etc. This will finally give me an opportunity to simplify my system to the fullest extent. Where I prepare at par levels, and sell until gone for the day or closing time, whichever happens first.

As I open, always check social media for updates about a possible closure. If there is nothing posted, it’s business as usual. I will typically announce with advance notice, but again, Life does happen-especially with littles!

Thursday-Saturday: 10a-4p unless sold out. I will update social media in the event of selling out(I will try to update if levels are low.) It will be just me for quite some time, so please, continue to take it a little easy on me! ;) My priority will always be quality over quantity, and to hopefully provide you with a memorable experience.

While I know this concept might take some getting used to, just know that this truly is a labor of love, and I’m so excited to continue sharing this with you! Each and every pierogi is handcrafted. I mash the potatoes by hand and season by eye-balling... just like going to Grandma's! I don't use dough presses or clamps- I pinch and form each and every one- because I WANT to. While I understand that allowing the use of some of those tools could really simplify the process and help to mass produce, to me, it just wouldn't be the same. I take pride in the artistry, and I hope that is something that you notice when you experience my product.

I use fresh, quality, real ingredients, each and every time- and I truly think you can taste and see the difference. My flavors are crafted simply and deliciously- no offense, but my babcia would never have gruyere on hand to make pierogi... I shred the cheese, I chop the ingredients. Quality and freshness truly matter here.While my pierogi once started as a basic hand me down recipe, what Sweet CLE-'bus! shares today is crafted from my own traditional experience. Because I focus on a more traditional, Cleveland style experience, please be aware that my product is not allergen friendly. I'm on a mission to be your favorite community pierogi shop- where your experience is intended to be a personal one! I enjoy getting to know each and every one of you (I'm a hairstylist, remember??). I'm not looking to establish multiple storefronts in the area- I want just a personable and memorable experience for each and every one of you- where you make me an honorary member of the fam. ;)

I appreciate each and everyone of you, and I am looking very forward to sharing this experience with you- from start to finish! I will be documenting behind the scenes, as it all begins to unfold. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me, and I’m beyond excited to have you alon for the ride!

**In the future, I will allow for a certain amount of online pre-orders to be processed for pick up as well. I will again update and notify when I am able to begin to implement this. My goal is that I will be able to make this happen just in time for the holidays**

Thanks for joining me on my first published blog post. I look forward to sharing more updates soon!

Peace, love, & pierogi,


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